Music lessons in different languages

Our Offers

Small Children

Early childhood music classes from 6 months to 6 years in German, English and Russian

School Children

Various flexible individual or group classes in different languages onsite at our partner schools


Individual instructions from beginner level to professional. Work on your dream and your favourite instrument at one of our locations

Early Beginner

individual or small group instruction from approx. 4,5 years on with a mixture of elements of early musical education (rhythm, movement, singing) as well as a fun and creative approach to playing piano.

IMS Podium

A unique platform for over average talented kids from 5 years on to develop artistic skills and personality through concerts, competitions, workshops and more.

IMS Salon

An open space for the arts: Join in for one of our concerts, exhibitions or lectures at our cosy Salon in Berlin-Charlottenburg or create your own event at this exceptional location, equipped with grand piano and flexible seating for approx. 40 guests.

Our Locations

A few of our locations

IMS Berlin

Danckelmannstraße 42, 14059 Berlin

IMS Berlin

Joachim-Friedrich-Str. 48, 10711 Berlin

IMS Berlin

Flottwellstraße 28, 10785 Berlin

Berlin Metropolitan School

Linienstraße 122, 10115 Berlin


Dickensweg 15, 14055 Berlin


Goethestraße 19-24, 10625 Berlin


Waldschulallee 83-93, 14055 Berlin

Int. Montessorischule

Zum Heckeshorn 38, 14109 Berlin

Kids Company

Lützowplatz 1, 10785 Berlin

Our Team

Our international team teaches you at various locations in Berlin

Johanna von Kuczkowski

Early Education

Tsai-Yu Liu


Clàudia Ribera


Matthias Straßmüller


Maja Matijanec


Jonathan Robinson


Imelda Guraziu


Vincent Long


Gloria Diaz Dits

Viola, Piano

Eeva Reeta Laiho


Kirill Suvorov

Flute, Piano

Aneta Spiridonovska


Kirsi Trospe


Alexander Muno


Kayoko Kobayashi


Katharina Reichelt

Piano, Early Education

Shanti Sungkono


Sabrina Sarabi


Agita Rando


Ying-Chieh Chiu


Mateja Šušteršič


Anna Johnston

Piano, Early Education

Donna Lee

Early Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to pay during the Holidays even when there are no lessons at music schools?
We guarantee that you’ll get 39 lessons during the school year. That is why it is practical for us to evenly distribute the cost over the twelve months.
The lesson will be made up or we will send a substitute. If the lesson cannot be made up, the IMS will reimburse you for the missing lesson.
According to the 615 BGB, the lesson cannot be made up if a student is absent from the class. Every teacher is available at a certain time, and they need to be paid for their time even if the student does not come to the lesson. Apart from that, this policy should show the students that the lessons are important, and that they need to be motivated to come to every lesson.
The basics are simple: You or your child have fun listening to the music, are fascinated from different musical activities, and feel motivated to start the learning process.
It has to be said that in order to achieve better results, you need to be engaged, disciplined, and practice regularly.
Our teachers have experience in teaching all ages, starting with pre-school and even including adults in their retirement.
They work with young beginners as well as with adult beginners.
They also know how to make the process easier for the ones who reenter the music world.
Everyone who regularly comes to the lessons and practices at home will see the results. This statement applies especially to the young beginners. After the first trial lesson, you can discuss with the teacher which steps are necessary in order to achieve the desired results.
As soon as your child shows a certain ability to concentrate, is able to be coordinated in his/her movement, and shows the signs of being fascinated by the music, it is not too early!
It is never too late! Musical activities positively impact not just the body, but also the soul and therefore improve the quality of life. According to the medical research, music helps to stop or at least to slow down the dementia process.
If the group is relative small and all the children are approximately at the same level, have fun at making music together, and get along, then it could be a very rewarding experience. It could happen, however, that after a while one of the children improves faster than the other. In the case you wish to switch to the individual lessons or change the group formation, please send a short confirmation via email, and we will let you know what the price change will be. This type of adjustment can be made at the beginning of the month.
It varies from child to child. When there are three children that are getting along and have a similar developmental level, they could certainly have a lesson together and it could be very beneficial. If the children want to try it out, then it is definitely worth it! The teachers will give you the best advice possible.
After you spoke to the teacher, and you were advised to switch to the private lesson, you should send us a short letter or an email. We can make the changes at the beginning of the following month.
Yes, we recommend to do so. Take your time with the purchase. The little children start with the smaller versions of the string and wind instruments and they will definitely need bigger instruments when they grow. As soon as you sign up for a rental, there is a possibility to buy this instrument at a later point. The money invested into the rental will then go towards the purchase.
Most and foremost is the quality. It is important that the child does not just play, but makes the time spent at the instrument worthwhile. The practice should be concentrated, focused, and regular. It is not the amount of time spent at the instrument, but the focus and excitement that are important.

Registration & Pricing

  • free trial lesson

  • Group class from 30€/month

  • Standard individual class (30 min/week) from 65€/month
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  • free trial lesson before any registration

  • 15€ one time registration fee

  • Monthly cancellation policy
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Terms & Conditions
  • No lessons during state school holidays

  • Monthly rates, based on an annual fee, remain unchanged during holidays
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